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Japan Solartech (Bangladesh) Limited is a Limited Company formed on April, 2011 from Register of Joint Stock Company. This is a joint venture investment of Bangladeshi TSI group and UING Corporation, a subsidiary of U-Tech Group of Industries, one of the largest Electronic Manufacturing System (EMS) companies in Japan, producing about 8.0 million solar cells a month.. U-Tech Group of Industries is a prominent business entity in Japan with notable sister concerns like:

  • UING Corporation
  • U-TECH Corporation
  • Sun Technology Corporation
  • U-Pack Corporation
  • Morinaka Electronics
  • Morita Electronics etc

TSI group is also making a good impact on local industry with few well established and also with few emerging business ventures like: Trade Services International • TSI Constructions Ltd. • EMEM Systems Limited • ATN News Limited • ATN Times Limited • Venus Telecom Limited • Technology Solutions Limited etc… The objective of the Company is to support people and different business segment in the area of renewable energy through solar systems, battery back system and other alternative power solutions. As we all know that from last 2 decades our industrial sector and different kind of business industry are growing significantly but because of the traditional power crisis they are struggling to run their business and at the same time a number of foreign investors are recognizing this power crisis as one of the obstacle for doing business in Bangladesh. The local partner namely TSI group realized the facts and invited UNIG to bring their expertise on this arena. This have eventually helped TSI to ensure high quality of product and also generate business opportunity from this sector. The good part is in the initial days most of products were imported directly from Japan but now Japan solaretch have achieved significant expertise and manufacturing most of product in local factory through the local people. Currently Japan solar are offering a number of products like Solar Panel, Solar Gel Battery, Solar Charge-Controller, Solar Inverter, Energy efficient lights(LED lights), LCD TV, Solar Lantern in different Organization like Grameen Shakti, BRAC, Asset Development Ltd., Exim Bank, Dom-Inno developments Ltd., Grameenphone Ltd and many other Organization and Individual customers. As of March 2014 Japan Solaretch have supplied about 2MWp Solar Panels, 50000 Pcs of battery of different sizes and the feedback from the customer are really encouraging. For detail please visit our website:
Currently Syed Samiul Huq, Director, Japan Solartech (BD) Ltd. is leading the operations and making significant progression of the business on behalf of the board of directors of the organization. In order to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the solar systems & battery system, Japan Solartech have a very efficient team consisting of more than 20 technically sound people who are providing 24X7 services to all clients. One great advantage of solar system is that its life time is much higher than a traditional power system. The minimum service life of a solar system varies from 10-15 years within which the customer can get replacement of his product if in any case it doesn’t perform in a right way. Though initially the cost of a solar system was higher but it has been going down and became affordable, also considering the life time of the products the value proposition of Japan Solartech products are more cost efficient and convenient for the users.
As we know that every day the traditional power generating systems are emitting huge CO2 which is directly creating health hazard for human being and making Green-house effect more and more acute. In order to improve the climate in Bangladesh (a one of the highest densely populated country) Government is committed to improve overall environment by encouraging different types of green and renewable power systems. So, different Business organization including telecom Operators is using Solar panel and renewable energy to run their operation. As Government is appreciating different green initiatives thus the import duty on Solar system and renewable energy is relatively low so in some cases the overall cost for power system through renewable energy is lesser compare to other traditional system like diesel generator etc.
With the increment of the business demand Japan Solartech is working to expand its business horizon in some of the southeast countries like Myanmar, Nepal etc which will eventually help to grow this industry and will create more business and employment for the Bangladeshi people.

Solar Panel

Sunlight can be directly converted into electricity using silicon cells. As sunlight shines upon the solar panels, the solar panel is able convert those photons (particles of sunlight) into electrons of direct current (“DC”) electricity. The electrons flow out of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical safety devices. The inverter converts that “DC” power (commonly used in batteries) into alternating current or “AC” power. AC power is the current that our grid and your appliances use when plugged into the wall outlet.

Solar Battery

Deep Cycle Batteries are the key component in various types of renewable energy systems that require the storage of electricity. A battery is essentially a storage vessel for electricity. It is a critical component heavily relied upon by the system as a whole. A battery bank can provide a relatively constant source of power when the grid is down, or during periods when your photovoltaic system is not producing power. Although batteries are not one hundred percent efficient, they are predictable and stable enough for reliable long-term service.

Yuasa Battery

GS Yuasa Corporation, one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers and a global leader in quality and innovation in battery. This Japanese battery giant consists of 65 subsidiaries and 36 affiliates in countries throughout the world. YUASA the global leader in two wheeler batteries and first ranked in Asia for automotive batteries has tied up with Japan Solartech (BD) limited under a Technical Service Agreement (TSA) to manufacture YUASA branded batteries in Bangladesh at Chittagong. In Bangladesh YUASA battery marketed by Eastern Lubricants Blenders Limited a sister concern of state owned Padma Oil Company Ltd.

Automotive Battery

Japan's leading automotive battery maker GS Yuasa International has teamed up with its local partner to enter the Bangladesh market. GS Yuasa, the third largest manufacturer of automobile and motorcycle batteries in the world, will start production in January at a plant of Japan SolarTech (Bangladesh), a Chittagong-based joint venture. Japan SolarTech has invested $15 million to set up the plant with a monthly production capacity of 30,000 pieces of automotive batteries. GS Yuasa will provide technical assistance. “It is a great opportunity for us to be introducing the Japanese batteries to this market,” said Riku Imai, market development manager at the international business unit of GS Yuasa. .


Project management:
All our projects are implemented and managed by Solar Solutions engineers and technicians, thus ensuring that a high standard of customer service is maintained throughout.
Onsite visits:
Ours are tailor-made solutions. We always start any project with a no charge on site inspection at your residence or business premises to ensure that our systems can be easily installed and to enable an accurate assessment for a quotation.
FREE customer consultation:
We offer solutions which make it possible for our customers to make energy cost saving installations on their property. We can also advise you and be involved in the planning phase of your new home or development.
Installation & after sales support:
Our expert installation and support team offer clients a guaranteed professional service. Our quality products are guaranteed for up to 20 years.

What we do


We provide support throughout all the phases within the design and development processes of the works. Smart solutions, based upon the latest technological breakthroughs, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We implement improvements in the study phase as well as in the execution of all type of works. Regardless whether it is a new installation or existing premises need to be renewed, we can assist you.

We look to the future

We Care Solar provides highly efficient solar energy systems to health facilities in areas without reliable electricity. Our durable, easy-to-use Solar Suitcases power medical lighting, mobile communication and essential medical devices.

We find a solution

In remote regions without electricity, we provide headlamps, cell phone charging and solar powered lanterns to community health workers and traditional birth attendants to improve the safety of home birth. Our aim is to improve health outcomes for childbearing mothers and their families by supporting health workers with equipment powered by the sun.

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"YUASA BATTERY SALES PARTNER MEET - 2018" at The Westin Dhaka.





"YUASA BATTERY SALES PARTNER MEET - 2018" at The Westin Dhaka.

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